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We know that in order to become champions, we need to have a team made up of players with various profiles. It takes crazy newcomers & wise veterans. With the acquisition of Mathieu Cauchon and Jacinthe Robert – let’s just say we’re right in the bull’s eye – they’re both crazy veterans.

Our new teammates have known each other for a while and already have this great chemistry. For the curious ones, their history dates back to when Jacinthe was working at SidLee. She was already entrusting Mathieu with delicious mandates for Gros Blogue.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-5kL6Maw20  The chemistry is more than evident between these two!) Like a real coworking fairy tale, Jacinthe then decided to join La Corp, Mathieu’s production company, as a producer. Now, it’s been five years and they’re still working happily ever after.

For Mathieu, the transition was natural, it was the next logical step in his career: « Pour moi la transition s’est faite naturellement, c’était une étape logique dans ma carrière ! » – Mathieu 

About 3 years ago, while still working at La Corp, he started to stack up on collaborations with our co-founder, Nic, with whom he quickly built a friendship. « J’ai rencontré Nic au Jeux de la Communication, j’étais commanditaire de l’épreuve, Nico a remporté l’épreuve vidéo. J’ai vite compris que c’était un jeune prodige. »

After this brief, but extremely successful encounter, the two of them quickly started working together: « Notre premier shoot c’était le Festif de Baie St-Paul. Quatre jours de job assez intense. Le genre de mandat que ça passe ou ça casse. Nic est tombé dans un ravin, il s’est relevé en disant : « Bro j’suis tombé dans un ravin! » Un vrai guerrier. » 

You’ll understand that the spark was there, really there: « En Nico, j’me reconnaissait, il est comme moi, mais en meilleur, pis 20 ans plus jeune ! » For the record, even if Math sounds like he’s 100 years old, he’s only 34… Clearly, he’s much better with a camera in hand than with a calculator. 

On the other hand, Jacinthe is more calculator than camera. Actually, she’s very much Google Drive. The most important and obvious thing for Jacinthe was that she wanted to continue working with Mathieu. Not only do they complement each other perfectly, but by staying colleagues, they were ensuring a smooth transition for the clients of La Corp.

Her arrival as a producer at Moonstruhk is fundamental for what we aspire to become. With her as our teammate, Moonstruhk now possesses a stability and an out of this world vision, but mostly a really great new Google Drive.

Jokes aside, thanks to her we finally have the means to match our ambitions. This is not just for show, it’s truly how we feel.

Jacinthe and Mathieu’s arrival at Moonstruhk is like a breath of fresh air, and we’re ready now more than ever. We can taste the victory already. Have a good season.