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The grass is definitely greener here!

This project showcases essential oils, which is perfect because we wanted to highlight how essential the production team was on this project! Cheesy, we know but oh so true! 

Saje Natural Wellness believes in the importance of physical and emotional wellness. Their mission is to create products that are 100% natural to support all human beings in their choices towards a healthier lifestyle. This is exactly the mood we were trying to convey, nature and wellness

Did we succeed? Brilliantly! Mostly, thanks to the remarkable artistic direction (Let’s go Jasmine!) and lighting (Big thanks to Mathieu) that was created in the studio. It truly feels like we are in nature, embraced by the sunlight. 

It’s also important to highlight the beautiful work of the models, who were not trained professionals, but they delivered a 100% professional performance, with the help of the director, Anthony, who was able to make everyone comfortable.

Also, shoutout to the Rodéo Production studio that welcomed us like true kings for this day of shooting and they gave us the creative liberty that we needed.

Finally, we want to highlight the essentialness of the Bonsoir Fleurs company that retrieved all the flowers used on set at the end of the day. They made sure that nothing would be thrown out or wasted. The type of detail that makes allllll the difference

If you were wondering, we truly fell in love with the product! It is not rare to catch Pénélope applying some Peppermint Halo at the office (almost everyday actually…)


Production company : Moonstruhk
Director : Anthony Coveney
Director of Photography : Xavier Bossé
Artistic director : Jasmine Lebel
Producer : Jacinthe Robert (Moonstruhk) 
Camera Assistant : Cloé Lafortune
Gaffer: Mathieu Lefrançois Gauvreau
Swing : Benoit Lariviere
MUA and hair stylist : Marianne Pelletier
Assistant artistic director: Sabrina Diaz
Production assistant: Pénélope Hawkins-Payette (Moonstruhk)
Models : Élizabeth, Simon, & Fatima  
Editing : Jaycee (Moonstruhk) et Marianne Boucher
Color grading : Outpost 
Sound design & mix : François Delfante (Réservoir Audio)
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