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A solid duo?


Here’s what you need to do: you keep in touch with your high school friend, you both become entrepreneurs and some years later you decide to join forces to produce a brand video!

The production not only allows you to spend time together, to catch up, but also to discover the other’s profession. The shoot is going so well, that the scripted barbecue scene becomes a real barbecue among friends!

Do you think you can do it? Actually, that’s the story that took place in front of us during the production of the video for Coffrage Ramco, a Sherbrooke-based business, founded by Jonathan, a high school friend of our co-founder, Jaycee.

Making concrete cinematically interesting was a really interesting creative challenge for us. We are really content with the result and we deeply thank Jonathan for trusting us with the task of transmitting his passion of concrete to the general public.

Thank you for reading this beautiful story, now we’ll let you watch the video and enjoy the tasty skewers on the barbecue! Cheers!

Production company : Moonstruhk
Director : Louis-Charles Pilon
DOP : Louis-Charles Pilon
Production manager : Mathieu Cauchon (Moonstruhk)
Editor : Louis Charles Pilon
VFX : Jaycee
Colo : Post-Moderne
Copywriter : Catherine Foisy