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Succeeding in school and in life


We’ll get straight to the point, being able to add our touch to a beautiful and powerful message like the one behind Pour 3 Points was truly an honour for our team!

Pour 3 points is a montreal-based non-profit organization that helps thousands of kids daily. How? By training coaches that will mentor kids, in their sport discipline but also in their life. They simply become inspiring persons that they can rely on! 

We had the mandate to create a video to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. 10 years of having an impact on kids’ life, 10 years of helping them establish healthy life habits. In short, 10 year that we couldn’t keep quiet!

Making videos is cool, but making a video with a message that resonates with us is incredible. We had the pleasure to collaborate with Benoit Jones-Vallée, DOP, who understood the importance of the message we were trying to convey and he did an outstanding job. 

In the end, the result speaks for itself, images that showcase the day we had: a heatwave (man, it was hot…), emotions and most importantly so much fun! Everyone was so happy to be there and the kids were so excited to be filmed during their workshop.

Every shoot comes with its share of challenges, adhering to a schedule, the weather, the multiple locations…but sometimes we’re able to find a little free time. With a vaccination clinic right next door, a member of our team was able to get vaccinated during the shoot. In other words, he got his shot in between two shots

In short, we fully believe in the mission behind Pour 3 Points, and we encourage you to give generously by going on their website (here). We want to make a video for their 20 year anniversary.

Production company : Moonstruhk
Director : Nicolas Robert (Moonstruhk)
DOP : Benoit Jones-Vallée
Production manager : Samuel Doiron (Moonstruhk)
Editing : Nicolas Robert (Moonstruhk)
Colo : Pierre-Étienne Bordeleau (Sept Pixels Inc.)