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Directed by our collaborator Phil Chagnon and made possible thanks to the trust from 7ième Ciel Records, we are extremely proud of our latest music video. It’s unanimous: the video is equally joyful (if not more) than the song!

(Except maybe for the owner of the red Volvo…but we’re taking care of this…)

Let’s say we were very excited to welcome the gifted Phil Chagnon amongst our team for this project. We knew that with his undeniable talent and his peculiar vision the project would be in more than capable hands. However, we weren’t ready for him converting the new summer anthem into an official trailer for Fast & Furious 13. 

For those of you that didn’t watch the video yet, a little warning: you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen almost as much as Jay Scøtt’s focus on the road.

Like we say in Québec: “Ça couté un bras”

Such incredible stunts would not have been possible or even imaginable, without the mastery of the glorious BloodBrothers (Carlo Harrietha & Jean-Mathieu Bérubé) and their team (Ivan Savchev & Philippe St-Denis).

The BloodBrothers live up to their name and this project is added to their long list of impressive collaborations. We have to point out the willingness of the two artists that jumped both feet into the creative concept, we just hope they were able to wash off all the blood from their clothes.

We want to take a moment to reassure you that no participants were harmed during the shoot, not even the turtle without which the video wouldn’t be as cool!

Finally, we want to formerly apologize to the users of the main road in Granby…We assure you that the aftermath of the shoot was not as bad as it seems.

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